Window restoration saves ‘000s

Window restoration for window cleaning auckland

It was every couples nightmare.  They had just finished their new home.  A couple of days before they were due to move in a vandal had done terrible damage to all the glass on the ground floor.  The damage was extensive with large amounts of timber stain, paint, concrete and silicone.

The glass was brand new, double glazed and hardened so it was going to be very expensive to replace.  Their insurance company appraised it and said replacement was the only option as the damage was so extensive.  The cost for the new glass, installation and removal of the old glass was over $16,000.

Fortunately the builder had worked with us before.  We restored the glass to absolute perfection for about 3% of the replacement cost.

So this lovely couple moved into their home on time and they were so relieved they didn’t have to live through lots more building and expense.

Thank you for coming so quickly and restoring our glass! You saved us!
Happy home owner
Window restoration saves ‘000s


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