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Window restoration

It was every couples' nightmare.  They had just finished their dream home and came by for a last inspection before moving in.  They were greeted with a horrific scene.  A vandal had thrown timber stain, paint, concrete and silicon all over the ground floor glass.

Building a home can be stressful at the best of times, but to have this happen just before moving in was heartbreaking.

Several frantic calls to builders and insurance companies ensued.  The general consensus was that while it could be cleaned it was almost impossible to make it perfect.  The glass would definitely be scratched and damaged during the restoration process because the damage was so extensive.

Replacement was going to cost over $14,000 and take two weeks, but the alternative was to have a sub standard building.

Then one of the builders suggested they call Got Dirty Windows because we had rescued one of his clients in similar circumstances a year before.

Check out the before a after pictures...

Before and after window cleaning photosBefore and after window cleaning photos












The glass was completely restored to as new condition.  There was not a scratch, not a mark... it took just over one day and was only 5% of the replacement cost.

We don't think of ourselves as "just window cleaners".  We see window cleaning as highly skilled trade, the same as a builder, architect or engineer.

It took great skill to restore this glass.  For example, there are eight different things we do before applying a scaper to ensure no glass scratching.

The great thing is... this level of skill is used for every window clean, including cleaning the glass of your home.  So contact us today.  We really will make your glass invisible.

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