Water blasting

water blastingPressure Washing & Water Blasting Auckland

We specialise in commercial and industrial pressure washing, offering a full range of services that will transform your outdoor areas and surfaces and make them look like new.

Your brand and corporate image are key components of a successful business. Over time the image of your outdoor surfaces and furniture can deteriorate.  The main problems will be a nasty build up of dirt, grime, lichen, algae, mildew and mould.  Regular water blasting will prevent you having to pay for expensive repairs and replacement bills.  It will also ensure your outdoor areas are clean and tidy in appearance.

Use of Mould Retardants

water blastingWe offer pressure washing and soft washing methods with both hot and cold water to remove the toughest oil, grease stains, moss, mould, lichen, chewing gum, dirt and debris without damaging your property.

After the water blast we can apply a mould retardant which will help prevent the mould and lichen coming back again.

Free quote

Before we commence the job, we will advise and report any areas of concern ensuring no damage is done to your property.  As a general rule, we don’t recommend using a pressure washer for cleaning buildings.  Water blasting is a great option for concrete and brick work but can too easily damage timber structures.  For more details on building washing click here:

So for you next water blasting project contact us now for a free quote by clicking here:

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