Innovative use of deionized water

Wine Works window cleaning

Wine Works is a fantastic client of ours.

Wine Works do not produce wine.  They are a specialist wine bottling company.  Wine producers send truckloads of wine to Wine Works where it is stored in huge 500,000 litre stainless steel vats.  The wine is then pumped in the bottling plant where it is bottled, labeled, packed into boxes and then sent out.

Wine Works adhere to the strictest cleanliness standards so they needed  the exterior of the vats cleaned.

There are almost 60 of these vats and they are stored outside.  The vats were kept immaculately clean inside… but the outside had developed mildew and grime from being outside.

So how should they be cleaned?

Many algae fighting chemicals are corrosive and can damage the top coat of stainless steel.  So using our irrigated brushes and deionized water they cleaned up beautifully without any risk of damage. 

Do you have specialty exterior cleaning you need done?  Contact us now.

Innovative use of deionized water


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