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Do you find shower cleaning impossible no matter how hard you scrub?

When trying to do a good job of shower glass cleaning, it’s easy to waste a lot of time and money on store brought chemicals only to find your shower glass still looks as dirty as when you first began. Or even worse, the glass can become scratched and damaged through inappropriate or harsh chemical use.

Hard water staining always makes a shower look unsightly and makes proper shower glass cleaning extremely difficult. So call Got Dirty Windows and we will not only bring it back to its original condition but you will be able to keep it spotless with almost no effort.
Our shower glass cleaning will make it look new again

Our three step shower cleaning process…

To clean a shower professionally, we use a three step process:shower cleaning

  1. A general clean to remove smearing and any loose particulate matter.
  2. Removing hard water staining.  We use a glass abrasive that is slightly softer than the glass, but slightly harder than the accumulated soap scum.  This grinds off the staining and polishes the glass.
  3. Application of a glass sealant.  This protects the glass from further staining.

We restore 99% of showers to new condition

It only needs one shower glass cleaning treatment to make your shower spotless again. We make it easy by coming at a time that suits you, providing an on the spot quote and then completing the work. We use a three step process for shower glass cleaning. First we do a general clean where we take off any loose particulate matter, then we grind off the staining to leave the shower immaculate and then finally apply a glass sealant that prevents the stains from coming back. So for outstanding shower cleaning at a reasonable price call Got Dirty windows or apply for a free quote here:

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