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Your Roof…Why Clean It?
Your roof, whether it is asphalt, tile or shingles, is one of the most expensive parts of your house. It endures incredible abuse…rain, wind, hail, heat and freezing cold. The mere fact it can do so with what are essentially floppy pieces of asphalt, fiberglass and Limestone is pretty amazing. What is more, your roof has a warranty on it which calls for proper mainenance. Properly maintained, a good roof should last at least 3 decades.
Damage from growth at the top of the roof. All the granules are gone from the top of this 20 year old roof (picture coming). Note the cracking in the shingle just below.
Want to Lose 1/3 of Your Roof Life? Don’t Clean it!
Your roof is under constant assault. Besides the weather, heat and cold, there are living organisms which literally eat your roof shingles. Organisms get underneath your roof shingles, lifting them up making it easy for rain and wind to damage them. Organisms which retain water against your roof, causing it to soften and rot. Organisms that eat the shingles and darken your roof, leading to ugly blackening, streaks, overheating, premature drying, cracking and splitting. It is because those organisms are so damaging that roof manufacturers state that you must clean your roof in order to maintain your warranty.

Roof Cleaning: An Important Part of Home Maintainance
Cleaning your roof is an important part of home maintenance. If you think about the damage that can be caused by a failed roof, it should be clear that you want to do everything possible to keep your roof in top operating condition. Properly cleaning and maintaining your roof assures the maximum amount of life. With a new roof costing what a car does these days, it is a smart financial move!
Besides the fact that roof cleaning keeps the roof in good condition, it also helps spot damage. Having somebody examine your roof every few years will allow them to catch problems early. Soft spots, failures in the flashing, cracked vent boots, missing shingles, missing vent tops…they all add up to roof leaks. Roof failures due to improper maintenance are a significant contribution to attic and structural mold. It is because of all the damage and premature failures caused by lack of roof maintainance and constant customer demand that we added roof cleaning to our company service offerings.

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, pressure washing is a bad idea. It is prohibited by every asphalt roof manufacturer, roofing trade association, technical standards board, and insurance company. Pressure washers are great tools when used appropriately on the right surfaces, but powering off growth on asphalt shingles isn’t one of those surfaces.
What ARE Those Black Streaks?
Kills Moss, Lichen, Gloeocapsa Magma CyanoBacterial Colonies and Algae..
Professional Roof Cleaning
1) Pressure Free Cleaning System. The manufacturers say NO POWER WASHING A ROOF! The typical pressure washer turned all the way down will output 500-1000 PSI of pressure, that will STILL blow granules off the shingles. Our pump Air Diaphragm Pump limits the pressure to no more than Garden Hose pressure. It cannot damage the shingles. Period
2) Manufacturer approved cleaning solutions. Our cleaning solutions were developed by professional roof washing companies in cooperation with roofing manufacturers. They are 100% roof safe. You can soak shingles in them for months at a time without any damage.
3) Kills Moss, Lichen, Gloeocapsa Magma CyanoBacterial Colonies and Algae…instantly. Our custom mixed cleaning solution is not available at your hardware store. It is specifically formulated for professional use. Our solution is designed to clean your roof quickly, safely and without any damage. It is safe for asphalt shingles, tile, stone and commercial membrane roofing materials. It is environmentally friendly, bio degrading to only salt water, which we control. Our system is designed to put the minimum amount of product on to be effective.
4) Safety Oriented. Our roofing cleaners operate safely. We can and will install proper roof anchor systems if you do not have one and your roof pitch is too high for our temporary anchor system. Our employees are roofers who know how to move on a roof and how to utilize proper fall arrest equipment.
5) Guaranteed work. We guarantee our work. Your roof will remain moss, lichen and G.M. free for two years after cleaning. Please ask for a copy of our warranty statement for full

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