Residential Window Cleaning

Residential window cleaning for Auckland

Selling your home?  Expecting important guests?  Or maybe you just love having sparkling windows.  Regardless,  we can tailor a service to suit your needs. Our database will pop your name up at the right time and you will enjoy a hassle free window cleaning service.

Residential Window Cleaning – Auckland

All our staff are trained to the highest standard, and we only use eco-friendly products that ensure a streak free finish every time.

All exterior windows are cleaned with deionized water.  This ensures complete safety and guarantees a streak free finish.  The interior windows are cleaned with a special, low solids based detergent and squeegeed off. 

Worried because you have high glass? Well don’t be, our poles can reach up to seven storeys.

The window cleaning is indeed well done. I have inspected it myself and found it faultless.
Joseph Pothan
National maintenance manager
Residential Window Cleaning


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