We have a new (but very old) Company Car

Morris 8 window cleaning auckland company car

My regular clients know my daily driver is a 1958 Morris Minor.

The Morris Minor was the first British car to sell over 1,000,000 vehicles.  Lord Nuffield, who was the CEO of BMC was initially disparaging of the new car. He called it a “poached egg on wheels”.

But you can’t deny success. The car was ahead of its time and consumers knew it.  The car was shown to be inherently reliable and if it did break down, a mechanically minded “bloke” could fix it with number 8 wire and a hammer.

I had retired the Morris Minor fearing clients would not take me seriously if I drove it.  But at least once a month people would ask… where is the Morris?  So, it was brought out of retirement and is now my main company car.

But the opportunity arose to purchase another Morris Classic.  

A 1936 Morris 8.  This car has been restored from the ground up… every nut and bolt.

It is hard to believe that in a few years this car will be 100 years old.

So when you see me roll up to your house in this vehicle, just remember it symbolizes our commitment to old fashioned service.

Gleaming windows at affordable rates!

For a history of the venerable Morris Minor click here:

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We have a new (but very old) Company Car


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