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 For house and building washing Auckland is increasingly using Got Dirty Windows for good reason. Major manufacturers and suppliers all agree that annual building washing is essential if you want to protect the exterior surface of your building from the elements. In fact building washing needs to be an integral part of your regular maintenance program. But proper house washing needs more than a sunny day and a garden hose.

Auckland is very wet so for proper house washing Auckland buildings must have all dirt, grime, salt, mold, lichen and moss removed. The accumulation and build-up of dirt on a building from air pollution and the humid environment accelerate the deterioration of paint and the building surface. Regular house washing will save you money on maintenance and repairs while rejuvenating the look of your building.

Extend the life of your buildingbuilding washing house washing

A house wash will extend the life of your paint regardless of its condition.  If you are going to paint your house, then it’s a great idea to wash your house first so the surface is clean for the paint to stick.  But painting a house is expensive.  To forgo this expense, wash your house annually.  This will slow the process of the paint decay which then causes further damage to internal walls, causing mould to grow on the inside of your house.  ​

house washing building washing

Our cleaning product instantly removes mould and algae plus contains a powerful retardant

House washing Auckland – Methods for a great result

For proper house washing Auckland buildings need several methods.  Generally we prefer not to use high pressure cleaning as it can damage sensitive surfaces. A recent study from Auckland University showed that a single use of a water blaster on a house does the equivalent of 14 years of normal weathering.

Sometimes high pressure water can force its way into your building causing electrical faults.

Because of this, for house or building washing we generally prefer use a soft brush and eco friendly chemicals or just deionized water.  Stubborn stains will be taken out with a detergent or special acid wash.  We are always careful not to damage paint.  Our products are high quality and biodegradable.  Once the exterior dirt and pollution is broken down, the residual chemical is removed with a soft water wash.

Using mold retardants

House building washing

Cleaning stone work can significantly improve the look of your building

Some very good products are available that will keep algae off surfaces for a extended time.  The problem with them is it usually takes several months for any noticeable change to occur.  Our product offers the best of both worlds.  It will not only keep algae off for months, but it acts almost instantly.  The cleaning of the walls in the photo above for example took less than five minutes.

In addition, our product is eco friendly.  When exposed to light and heat it turns into harmless salt water!

House washing with deionized water

Some clients prefer us to just use our deionized water system to clean their buildings. This uses no chemicals, just very pure water and ensures there are no nasty aromas or aggressive chemicals to disturb customers or staff. In the majority of cases however, we recommend a chemical treatment.  Not only will it protect your paint and provide a spotless result but we perform a thorough rinse with deionised water to complete the project.

Window cleaning and house washing

You will save a lot of money if you have your building washed and windows cleaned at the same time.   A beautifully cleaned home and spotless windows is a great combination. Having both done at the same time is more cost effective too.

Learn about the value of deionized water here, or for a free quote for house/building washing click here.

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