9 ways to protect your windows and keep them clean

Window cleaning Auckland with clean glass
  • Tip #1- Just say “No” to abrasive nylon pads

Abrasive nylon scrub pads… like the ones found in the back of many household dishwashing sponges, will scratch window glass.  The fact is, window glass is much softer than glass manufactured for beverage containers.


Specialised nylon, fine grade steel wool, and glass scrapers are the professional window cleaner’s choice to safely remove stickers, decals and other hard to remove debris from window glass.


So, if you’re thinking about using that sponge to clean your window…


Just say “No” to abrasive nylon pads. 


Tip #2 – Do not use razor blades on dry glass


A common and costly mistake I see is window glass scratched from
improper razor blade use.  To remove
decals, tape and paint…


glass MUST be lubricated BEFORE using a razor. 


Typically, most professional window cleaners use soap and water to
lubricate glass which helps minimize the occurrence of scratches.  It’s also important to note that razor blades
cannot be used on “Treated Glass Surfaces” such as tinted or mirrored window
glass.  Special care must also be taken
when working on “Tempered Glass’ which is strengthened and commonly used in
doors and other high-impact areas.



Here are a few more tips to consider:

  • Only use a professional grade glass scraper
  • Start each project with a new blade
  • Replace blade when marred or dull from use
  • Test razor in an inconspicuous place on glass, before scraping the entire surface



9 ways to protect your windows and keep them clean


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