About us

Edwin has discovered how to make glass look invisible and claims it has to be seen to be believed.

But he is not a magician – Edwin is a glass cleaning specialist who set up a company called Got Dirty Windows…?  after he lost his job twice in 2010.

For the previous 20 years, Edwin worked in the IT industry.  “I’ve had plenty of experience cleaning Microsoft Windows software but now I’m turning my hand to cleaning windows of a more physical kind.”

The thing Edwin enjoys the most is the reaction of clients when they see how good really clean windows look.  “It’s the only job I’ve ever had where people look forward to me coming and they are always smiling when I leave” he said.

It is easy to underestimate the skill needed to clean glass properly.  For example there are eight specific things you need to do before using a scrapper on glass to remove paint.  Our team worked for three years experimenting and practicing before we finally had the skills needed.  Check our online ebook “9 ways to protect your windows glass investment.”

We were the first Auckland window cleaning company that used reverse osmosis units to clean windows with deionized water.  We also use space age carbon fibre poles to clean buildings up to seven storeys tall.

The company started as a one man band doing everything from $20 shop windows to large homes.  Initially, many hours were spent knocking on company doors cold calling looking for work.  All the customers we gained we still service.

Since then we have steadily expanded to have a client list that includes Fletcher Challenge, Fortress fasteners, St Michels and many others.  In addition our service range has expanded to include water blasting, roof washing, gutter cleaning and building washing.

But we still remember the kind shop owners who allowed us to get started.  We still clean some small shop windows along with multi thousand dollar contracts.

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