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Commercial Window cleaning

We clean over 150 buildings a year.  For a fast, efficient service call us now.

We were the first window cleaners in Auckland to introduce deionized window cleaning.  This is an eco friendly, rapid cleaning system.  You'll love the result.

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Residential window cleaning

Winow cleaning Auckland, We make glass invisible!Winow cleaning Auckland, We make glass invisible!

We will make your house sparkle!  Nothing looks as good as clean glass.  We sometimes joke that we should always give our customers sunglasses. because so much more sun comes into your house.))

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Other services

After something else?  We offer a range of services from shower cleaning, building washing, water blasting and roof washing.  

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Professional window cleaning Auckland wide

Welcome to the Got Dirty Windows Ltd website! We hope you enjoy browsing this site.  We designed it so you can easily access the services you want, but can also find useful information.  

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Meet the owner...

Window cleaning Auckland, Edwin Wigmore ownerWindow cleaning Auckland, Edwin Wigmore owner

After many years in high technology, Edwin started Got Dirty Windows in 2010 when he lost his job twice in four months. It was a very difficult time to set up a business and he was prepared to do anything just to survive. 

But New Zealanders still have a "can do" attitude and often we are at our best when in difficulty.

Edwin worked seven days a week, up to 12 hours a day when the business was first established.  He worked so many days that in the first three years he only had 8 days off including Christmas and New Years day.

But New Zealand is a wonderful country.  You can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it and never give up.  

Now the business is well established with large accounts including major construction companies, finance , insurance institutions and large manufacturing organisations. 

But we have never forgotten the kind people who gave us our first work.  We still do $30 shop front windows along with multi thousand dollar contracts.

Check out our recent projects...

Window restoration

Graffiti removal

                             Window restoration                                                                             Grafitti removal