Window Cleaning Auckland

Clean windows are disproportionately important. Even if your business or home is very clean... if your windows are dirty, everything will look dirty. We understand how nice it feels to have clean glass. It makes your home look fresh and your business look professional.

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Window cleaning

Commercial or domestic. Every year we clean 400 houses and 100 commercial buildings. We were the first commercial company in Auckland to use Deionized water for spotless window cleaning.

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Building washing

Our cleaning product is eco friendly. It quickly converts to harmless salt water once exposed to heat and light. The great thing however is mould and algae are killed almost instantly. But it also has a built in retardant.

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Roof washing

Algae and lichen are magnets for moisture. Once trapped they will corrode and permanently damage your roof. A well maintained roof will last for up to 30 years. Our product will make your roof look great and significantly slow down the expensive replacement process.

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Shower cleaning

Have you tried everything and you just can't get those stubborn stains off? If we had a dollar for every time we heard that.... we wouldn't have to do this work! We use a three step process. We clean, then we grind the stain off and then seal the shower.

Customer comments...

" After years of unsatisfactory service our windows are finally clean.  Got Dirty Windows gets the thumbs up from us!"

Amanda Grigg, Assistant accountant, Fortress fasteners


"The house looks a million bucks.  I can't believe how clean your team got it."

Anthony, St Helliers


"The windows look amazing!"

Charlotte, Remuera


"The window cleaning is indeed well done.  I have inspected it myself and find it faultless."

Joseph Pothan, National maintenance manager, Fuji Xerox

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