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Our Story.... Window cleaning Auckland


We see window cleaning as a profession…. it can be every bit as technical as building or engineering.

So we take clean glass very seriously.  

Clean glass is disproportionately important.  If the glass is dirty, the house or building will look dirty. We take pride in making your premises look professional and great!

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“... After years of unsatisfactory service, our windows are finally clean. Got Dirty Windows get's the thumbs up from us!”
Amanda Grigg
Assistant accountant, Fortress Fasteners
“... The window cleaning is indeed well done. I have inspected it myself and find it faultless”
Joseph Pothan
Maintenance manager, Fuji Xerox
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Our Services

window cleaning cleaner
Residential window cleaning
Any size residential

Residential window cleaning

Nothing makes a home look better than clean windows. Have a special occasion? important visitors? Selling  your home?  Our hassel free service will get it looking it’s best!

Window cleaning high rise
In a world where I feel so small, I can't thinking big!
We LOVE the big jobs....

Commercial window cleaning

We started doing $20 shop windows.  Now we handle multi $’000 contracts.  We clean over 100 commercial buildings a year. But we still remember the kind people who gave us our first work. So there are still days we do a little shop window before a big project.

water blasting Auckland
Water blasting Auckland great job
Looks like new!

Water Blasting

Showcase the value of your properties with clean exteriors that look well-kept and as good as new. Grubby driveways and garden paths are not attractive to visitors or prospective buyers. Make sure all eyes are on your property for all the right reasons! 

Building washing Auckland
Professional building washing
Commercial & domestic - soft and chemical wash

Building Washing

Our chemical, soft wash gets into every nook and cranny to make a perfect finish.  But there will be no damage to paint.  Click more info for the benefits of regular building washing.

We care for your building and home

Why choose us?

Vast experience

We have been operating for 10 years. We clean over 400 houses a year and 100 commercial buildings.

Fully insured

We have $5,000,000 indemnity and $2,000,000 personal liability insurance

No job too big or small

We still remember the kind people who gave us our first work. So we still do some $20 shop windows along with multi thousand dollar contracts

Huge churches, 500,000 litre wine vats, we do it all))

Recent Projects

Our latest project
window cleaning Auckland project. Cleaning wine vats
Roof washing
Removal of blackening by window cleaning Auckland
Holy Trinity Cathedral window cleaning auckland
Our latest window cleaning auckland project for Holy Trinity Cathedral
Window cleaning project
Excellent client, the Waipuna Lodge for Window cleaning Auckland
Houses cleaned this year
Commercial buildings cleaned
Number of successful jobs
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Additional services

Window restoration by Window cleaning Auckland
Perfect glass restoration by Window cleaning Auckland

Window restoration

This lovely couple suffered terrible vandalism on their new home.  Paint stain, concrete, paint and silicone was smeared all over the the ground floor glass.  We restored it to perfection at less than 5% of replacement cost.

Shower cleaning auckland
Shower restoration by Window cleaning Auckland

Shower cleaning

We restore 98% of all showers to brand new condition!  

Roof washing
Soft roof washing that instantly removes lichen and mildew

Roof washing

Your roof has to put up with extremes of heat and cold.  It is the one thing that protects you from the elements.  It is also expensive to replace.  Regular cleaning is the best way to extrend your roofs life.

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